Singing Waiters

From weddings and private parties, to corporate events and birthdays, everybody absolutely loves our Singing Waiters surprise show. Disguised as actual waiters at your venue our Secret Singers will seamlessly blend in with the team, assisting with the pouring of the drinks and serving of the food during the meal. This will only add to the complete surprise just around the corner! Your guests will not see it coming when our Secret Singers burst into song, providing the perfect pick me up for your wedding or event. The show can be as lively and uptempo or sophisticated and smart as you like.

Our most popular package consists of two performers for each event, but you are able to request more Secret Singers should you feel the need. Our singing waiters show is very interactive where we dance and sing around the tables supported by a full PA music system with wireless microphones all provided by ourselves. We've found that the best time to spring the surprise is around when the desserts are coming out, catching your guests completely by surprise just when they think the meal is coming to an end. The singing waiters show is approximately 30 minutes in length but can be longer or shorter based on your request. Experience has showed us that 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time to give your guests one incredible show, leaving them wanting more, (maybe a possible encore from us!). The show fits on top of what the venue has organised so we're able to keep everything running on time, so there's no need to find an extra 30 minutes during the day for our show.

We aim to be completely flexible with almost all our options as we understand that each and every wedding and event is unique to you. We can also accommodate our show to fit into any performance space, from marquees and stately homes, to hotel venues of any size. When it comes to our music systems they are all set up in advance of your guests arriving so not to spoil the surprise. We contact your venue to organise our arrival and set up times, plus find out what to wear so we blend in with the waiting team all in advance of the big day. Background music during the wedding breakfast can also be provided through our PA system, plus you'll have full use of our microphones for any speeches during the meal. We can also provide evening entertainment with live singing shows and DJ's, giving you the opportunity to book all your music needs for the entire wedding event. For more info please take a look at our FAQ's page, but if you really want to see how a typical day looks like for us then please watch our "day in the life of a Secret Singer" video on YouTube. For any other questions then please do get in touch where we'll be more than happy to discuss all our options with you.