How does it work?

Every party is different, bespoke. We do however follow a similar trend when it comes to organising our arrival on the day. First thing we do is confirm our set list and type of surprise with you. Then we contact the venue to confirm what their waiters wear, so we blend in perfectly with their serving staff. We also arrange our arrival time with the venue to make sure none of your guests spot us. This gives us the chance to set up our equipment and perform a sound check at the venue. This is normally very early. We then disappear, ready to return dressed as the surprise theme chosen. If we’re Secret Waiters, we’ll then act as the waiters of the venue, assisting with the starters and main course, before springing into action just as the deserts go out. Here’s a day in the life of video we made, following our journey of a typical Secret Singing Waiters show.

How long is the Surprise show?

The Secret Singers show is approximately 30 minutes in length, (about 7 to 8 songs with guest interactions in-between). This fits in perfectly with the desert course, so as your guests are finishing their food, we’re there to give them that well deserved energy boost.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We’re based in London but travel everywhere. No party is too far for us. We’ve been booked for weddings and parties all over the UK and abroad, with our farthest journey to date being a surprise performance in Singapore for their President.

What surprises do you do?

Our most popular form of surprise is Singing Waiters, but we can also perform as Singing Chefs, Singing Guests, Singing Policemen, Singing Security guards, Singing Builders and much more.

Can I see you in action before booking?

As we’re booked for private parties and weddings, unless you’re attending the event then unfortunately you can’t see us live. We do however have many videos from previous shows which you can find on our YouTube channel.

Apart from the Surprise act, what else can you offer me?

When it comes to parties and weddings we can provide you with an entire evenings entertainment. We can give you the surprise element during the meal, but then can also give you a live singing evening show, plus a DJ, giving your guests complete entertainment for the evening.

Can i book just a Singing Waiters surprise?

Of course you can! You can book as much or as little as you want. The choice is yours. If you’ve already got a DJ booked, you can still book us for a live singing show in the evening.

Do you provide your own equipment?

Yes. You don’t need to worry about speakers or wireless microphones, we’re completely self contained. We have full PA systems, with microphones and disco lights.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. Each of our teams have public liability insurance of up to 20 millions pounds, and can provide proof should your venue need it.

What performers do you use?

Being London based, we’re able to use West End Theatre trained professionals for your event. You get to book performers with only the best training and experience for your party, NOT pub/club singers.

How many performers can i book?

It’s completely up to you. Our minimum is a team of 2, but we can accommodate up to teams of 10 or more.

What makes you different to other ‘singing waiters’ companies?

We can confidently say that we always supply West End Theatre trained professionals. You don’t need to worry about the quality of our performers, which can be hit and miss with other companies. Imagine the difference between having a pub/club performer at your wedding compared to a West End performer. The difference in quality is staggering!

How do I book?

Simple! Just get in touch with us stating what you’d like and when the special day is and we’ll get back to you straight away to discuss what we can do for you. Once you’re happy with everything we’ll then send out a contract stating precisely what you want. Then all you have to do is sign and return it, together with a deposit of just 25%, which will seal and confirm your booking. You then have to pay the final balance up to 7 days before the date of the booking. If this is something you may find troubling, then just let us know and we’ll organise a plan to suit you best.

Will you constantly bother me with spam emails?

No. We know you don’t want your email address bombarded with spam, so we’ll only send you confirmation emails and replies to any questions you have.