In the past we have been lots of different characters, Singing Waiters, Chefs, Managers, Cleaners, Workman, Mechanics, Office Workers, Shop Assistants, Bar Staff, Face Painters, Security Guards, Sound Technicians, Pilots and Air Stewards to name a few.

We often tell people we do more than Singing Waiters, but most the time that is the end of it. But every now and again it gets peoples imaginations racing. 

None more so recently than Kyle and Naidyne. Who we had the pleasure of performing our Secret Singers Policeman Surprise.

They have just left a review for us and this is what they said….

“We had the Secret Singers at our wedding on 03/08/19 in Thornhill, Cardiff but we wanted something different. 

We asked for their options and chose singing police. Well this was just the best. Who expects police at a wedding especially to take one of the ushers away! We named one of the ushers and showed a photo of him. We asked the Secret Singers to walk in the venue just after the speeches dressed in full police costume to take the guest and then burst into song when they felt the time was right. 

Well what can I say they had the place so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. (Obviously, we had a few guest shout out, what do you think you're doing). It was amazing and even when they burst into song it had to be, Queen Don’t Stop Me Now, that was just the best. 

The whole crowd were gobsmacked, it was just something that was so unexpected at a wedding. Everyone was talking about it as they just didn’t know what was going on. Well done lads 

Throughout the evening the Secret Singers played 2 sets live and again were amazing. Everyone was taking about them having selfies with them and up dancing. The night was just the best and you guys helped that happen. 

Thank you so much to the Secret Singers team ,you brought in exactly what I envisioned and helped me make my wedding one to remember, thanks again team.

Many thanks, 

Mr & Mrs Debono”

If you would like to talk to us about how we can make your day have that “something different’ then get in touch now. We are booking well into 2021 with some dates fully booked already. Check your date now! 

Heres a few snaps from the day!