Here's a recent email we received from a fab couple we worked for. 

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say a HUGE thank you!

We can honestly not tell you the amount of people from the wedding who have mentioned how amazing you both were to us. Even the evening guests who didn’t even see you keep talking about it! (As the day guests were talking about it so much J )

You honestly made our wedding! 

Lee & I were looking around the room after dessert and we could just see everyone was getting a bit tired after a big meal and a lot to drink… then BHAM you both began to sing and the whole room was completely energised! It put people in such a good mood for the evening celebrations too! 

We have both been to a lot of weddings over the last couple of years and one thing we always feel is quite sluggish/sleepy after the wedding breakfast and we really wanted something to fill this gap. It took us ages of searching for something but we finally come across yourselves and I’m so glad we did! You completely exceeded our expectations J

Thank you for creating an amazing memory for us!

Hope to see you both again in the future

 Thanks again – can’t thank enough J

A very happy Mr & Mrs Foster"